Statue Deity Zeus and Ganymede

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In Greek mythology, Ganymede was a deified mythical young man, famous for his beauty, from Troas. He was Prince of Troy, son of King Trojan from Dardania and Kalirroi, daughter of the God - River Scamander. Zeus was transformed into an eagle and, seizing him, carried him to Olympus, where he gave him immortality and lived eternally there as a wine drinker of the gods. As compensation, Zeus sent Hermes to offer on his behalf to the Trojan father of Ganymede, a pair of swift-footed horses like the wind and a Golden Vine, the work of Hephaestus.

Handmade brass sculpture, with Quality Guarantee.
Traditionally made by the method of casting metal and by oxidation similar to the museum.

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