Statue Achilles A1

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He was the famous hero of Thessaly and of all Greece. It combined beauty, strength and bravery. He was born in Phthia by King Peleus and a sea deity, Thetis. His mother wished to make him immortal. For this day he smeared him with Ambrosia, and at night he held him over the fire, bearing him by the heel. Peleus, however, watched her, and as he saw the child writhing he shouted and prevented Thetis from continuing her work. So the hero could die only if he was hit on the heel (Achilles heel). After this his mother returned to her father's Palace, in the depths of the sea. Peleus delivered Achilles infant to the centaur Chiron, who raised him in Pelion and taught him the art of weapons and hunting.

Handmade brass sculpture, with Quality Guarantee.
Traditionally made by the method of casting metal and by oxidation similar to the museum.

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