What We Offer

The perfect equipment, the experienced staff combined with the many years of experience, equip us to provide a variety of integrated metal processing and casting services with the sole aim of satisfying even the most demanding customer.

Copies of Your Products

We undertake the casting / copying of the product according to your requirements even if the design (mold) is designed on paper, plaster, wax, plastic, wood

Mechanical Components

Mechanical cast parts and accessories for pumps made of brass, aluminum, cast iron and various alloys in any dimensions you wish

Fireplace & Baking Plates

We undertake the casting for fireplace slabs in dimensions you desire, as well as professional or non-professional baking plates, grills and cast iron ovens

Gift Items

We make crystal and bronze decoration creations and gift items

Ecclesiastical Items & Railings

We manufacture accessories for chandeliers, manuals, bells, etc.

Folk art

We make brass sculptures and statues with a guarantee of quality and oxidation similar to the museum

Large Orders;

We undertake large orders and original design based on your requirements

Quality & Expertise

By investing in us, you benefit from long-term experience and know-how and we are able to offer you precision castings according to high quality standards at competitive prices.

Attention to detail

For us, the attention to even the smallest detail, gives the comparative advantage and carves the success, always according to the knowledge and experience of so many years

Use of modern technologies

PAVLAKIS foundry ensures high quality products and services using modern technologies


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